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Meade Maksutov telescope MC 127/1900 UHTC LX65 GoTo

Product no.: 59570
Manufacturer: Meade

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Meade Maksutov telescope MC 127/1900 UHTC LX65 GoTo
Meade Maksutov telescope MC 127/1900 UHTC LX65 GoTo
Meade Maksutov telescope MC 127/1900 UHTC LX65 GoTo
Meade Maksutov telescope MC 127/1900 UHTC LX65 GoTo
Meade Maksutov telescope MC 127/1900 UHTC LX65 GoTo
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Product description:

The LX65 series combines advanced features with world-class optics in an easy-to-use telescope.

The basis of LX65 telescopes is a compact yet robust single-arm mounting. The entire telescope system can be dismantled into three parts without tools. This means it can be easily transported and set up very quickly. One special feature is the second clamp with which an additional OTA weighing up to 3 kg can be mounted parallel to the main telescope- for example a small refractor for viewing a larger area of the night sky.

The operation of the LX65 telescopes is very simple and easy for beginners thanks to the built-in computer control.

This high-quality Maksutov telescope provides an ideal basis for both planetary and DSO observing.

Its diameter makes it a 'fast' yet portable instrument. The Maksutov-Cassegrain system allows a long focal length to be combined with a relatively short OTA length. The central obstruction in the optics is minimal as the small secondary mirror has been directly vacuum deposited onto the meniscus lens. The meniscus lens gives very good contrast - for example ideal for planetary observing. The lens corrects for spherical aberration and its shape reduces chromatic aberration to a minimum. It comes supplied with a mounting plate.

Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC): This special multi-layer coating on the front correction plate provides up to 15% more light transmission. The result -brighter star clusters, finer details in nebulae and more surface detail on planets!

The AudioStar handheld control provides a database of 30,000 astronomical objects. Once aligned to the night sky, AudioStar can position the telescope to point to any of these objects and centre them in the eyepiece - of course only if the object is above the horizon. The GoTo functionality is supplemented by additional features, such as guided tours, position display and connection to a PC.

A special feature of the AudioStar controller is its built-in speaker. The built-in Astronomer Inside technology provides over four hours of audio commentary (in English only). The built-in astronomer will relate interesting information about astronomical objects located in the field of view!

Easy Align - the computer control must be aligned with the actual night sky at the beginning of each observing session. Aligning this telescope is particularly simple - after entering the location and the orientation for north, the telescope consecutively slews to two bright stars. These must be simply centred in the eyepiece and the adjustment is complete and the telescope is now aligned.

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