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Omegon Apochromatic refractor Pro APO AP 150/1000 ED Triplet Carbon OTA

Product no.: 21268
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Apochromatic refractor Pro APO AP 150/1000 ED Triplet Carbon OTA
Omegon Apochromatic refractor Pro APO AP 150/1000 ED Triplet Carbon OTA
Omegon Apochromatic refractor Pro APO AP 150/1000 ED Triplet Carbon OTA
Omegon Apochromatic refractor Pro APO AP 150/1000 ED Triplet Carbon OTA
Omegon Apochromatic refractor Pro APO AP 150/1000 ED Triplet Carbon OTA
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Manufacturer's product description:

Free interferometry test: We can supply you with an interferometric test protocol to accompany your new apochromat if required. Please refer to our consultants.

The optics

The Omegon ED apo refractor has outstanding optics, a thoroughly though-out design and high-quality mechanical components. This very special telescope provides astrophotographers, visual observers or nature watchers with a unique source of pleasure when observing starry skies or nature watching. Pin-sharp stars, right out to the edge of the field of view, can be just as taken for granted as the outstanding mechanical precision.

The Triplet Apochromats

Omegon OD Triplet apochromat objectives are manufactured from a combination of three lenses. The outstanding Ohara FPL-53 type glass is employed for this, providing superb correction for these refractors. In addition, this lens combination provides very high contrast and a flat image field. For visual observing and also with astrophotography you will discover a wealth of detail and tremendously clear image reproduction. When observing the lunar limb or bright of stars at higher or lower magnifications you will see no colour fringing. The image definition with apos is substantially superior to that of mirror systems as they have no central obstruction with its associated degradation of the intensity distribution in the Airy disk. Particularly when observing small contrast differences, a refractor is unbeatable.

Many amateur astronomers want a refractor which is easily to collimate. We have, of course, considered this: The objective lens cell can be precisely adjusted via thrust and tensing screws.

Carbon Fibre Tube

This apochromat is well suitable to visual observing but was, in fact, developed especially for astrophotography. Use the advantages of a carbon fibre tube: it is particularly light and so even perfectly suitable for using on smaller mounts. The tube also offers a very high inherent stability and only minimal thermal expansion. These advantages are particularly useful for astrophotography, as the focus remains stable for the whole night. The dew shield is also carbon fibre and can be extended easily. In addition, the tube is lined with black felt.

The Focuser

The telescope is equipped with a Crayford style focuser. It belongs to a new generation of drawtubes, which are patent pending. Absolute precision and enormous load bearing capacity are the main advantages of this focuser. It can carry accessories of even up to 10kg in weight by the use of an additional locking screw. Even under the application of extreme force, the drawtube will not move even by a millimetre: Once you have found focus, it will not change, even if you move where the telescope points to in the sky.

A 1:11 reduction ratio provides you with fine adjustment when focusing, allowing even more precision than with most telescopes. Do you use a full format chip for astrophotography, or do you intend doing this in the future? Even with full format cameras, images of objects are recorded free of vignetting. The complete focuser is freely rotatable: loosen the locking screw and the unit can be rotated through a full 360°.

But that is still far from everything. The end of the focuser (near the eyepiece barrel) can be fully rotated too: The first turn lets you find the most comfortable position for easy focusing using the focuser, the second turn lets you select the optimal camera adjustment with respect to the object.

Carrying case included

The aluminium case provided is ideal for storing your valuable optics. Extremely robust, with carrying handles and metal fittings, it can withstand some shaking around with no problem. The interior features accurately cut out foam mouldings which keep the telescope tube in exactly the same condition as when you last stored it there.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • all optical surfaces multi-coated
  • refined baffle system to prevent reflections
  • very high contrast and pin-sharp star images
  • light and robust: telescope tube made from carbon fibre
  • carbon fibre dew shield lined with felt
  • fine focusing: focuser with 1:11 reduction and protective cap


  • triplet design ED-Apo with 150mm aperture and 1000mm focal length
  • 360° double rotatable 3“ focuser
  • comes with robust tube rings included
  • extended length 111cm, retracted length 94cm
  • OTA weight only 11 kg, total weight with case 26 kg
  • case dimensions 115x36.5x32.5cm

It is not only important which telescope you buy, but also where you buy it.

We provide extra help:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know these instruments like the back of our hands.
  • We are always very happy to offer our assistance after your purchase, should you encounter any problems with your telescope’s setup or operation.
  • Our ‘Telescope Basics’ booklet - an 80-page beginner's guide for our telescopes – is provided free of charge with every telescope we sell.

Our expert comment:

For getting a flat image field when using very large camera chips, you can use the Omegon 3" flattener for 126 and 150mm apos.

(Marcus Schenk)

Tube clamps
Carrying case

Orion Nebula M42 - photo by Anderl Rodoschegg, taken with an Omegon 150/1000 on an Omegon Taurus mount, with an EOS 450D camera

Example of an interferometry test protocol.

Matching finder-scope shoe optional (not included in delivery)

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