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Orion Optics UK Telescope N 300/1140 AG12 Carbon Astrograph OTA

Product no.: 57567
Manufacturer: Orion Optics UK

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Orion Optics UK Telescope N 300/1140 AG12 Carbon Astrograph OTA
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

Astrographs by Orion Optics UK: High-power, high-end astrograph with 4-element Wynne corrector for the ultimate in astrophotography!

A key to the success of these astrographs is the carbon fiber tube . This lightweight material loads the mount less than an aluminum tube and keeps the focus at long exposure times, as carbon is very temperature stable.

All AG telescopes are extensively tested in the optical laboratories of Orion, UK. To prevent stray light through the edge of the main mirror, it is covered by a screen, which razor sharp images of the stars - unsurpassed quality.

Some more special feature of the AG telescopes from Orion Optics UK:

  • All Orion UK AG primary mirrors are made from Schott borosilicate glass "Suprax" (virtually identical to Pyrex) with low thermal expansion, like the primary mirrors of all telescope ranges from this manufacturer. All mirrors are manufactured according to high specifications as rotation paraboloids with the aperture ratio 1: 4. How exactly are they? The glasses are only given to a surface accuracy of 1/16 wavelength or better for mirroring. This high level of accuracy is tested with a Zygo laser interferometer.
  • The elliptical secondary mirrors are also manufactured to the highest standards and tested with the Zygo. For larger versions, Orion uses Suprax for stability and accuracy. These are then Hilux-coated along with the primary mirrors, providing the highest reflective aluminum layers with a protected surface that are available at all.
  • The mirror cell : After extensive computer calculations and tests, Orion UK has chosen the current design. A 9-point system with nylon 66 tips distributes the mirror's load as evenly as possible to 9 points at the back of the mirror. The cells are CNC machined and then carefully finished by hand to eliminate even small mistakes. They are then anodized to not only provide the aluminum with a corrosion-resistant coating, but also to harden the surface against scratches and wear.
  • The main mirror cell is equipped with a fan , which is operated with 12 volts DC and significantly reduces the risk of dewing and quickly adjusts the mirror to the ambient temperature.
  • The simple and robust collimation system ensures that the mirror always remains exactly in the same, collimated position. The robustness also ensures the safety of a constant focus, even during months of use in observatories.
  • The ACU-3L focuser : To further enhance the quality and performance of the AG series, Orion has launched a completely new model of its excerpts, the ACU-3L. It has a long 3 "(76.2 mm) diameter extension tube and threads for both the highly praised Orion 3" Wynne corrector and other accessories. These are not simply inserted, but screwed in by means of a fine thread. The basic focus is made using silky-heavy main focus buttons, then, if perfect focus is needed, the vernier knob takes on a very smooth motion with a 10: 1 reduced motion . The pullout tube glides with slow, very even and accurate progress.
  • Wynne corrector: The design of the AG corrector was determined after months of calculation and field tests with different cameras and telescopes. He is not only used in the AG models, but works so incredibly good at the telescopes of other manufacturers with other mirror sizes and aperture ratios. The corrector, which reduces the image to 0.95-fold , consists of 4 elements made of special glass, arranged in two single lenses and a cemented doublet. As a result, the light from the telescope on a flat image plane of 60 mm diameter used, without color errors. The basis of the design is the use of some rare earth glasses and the computer-aided choice of the radii of curvature of the lenses. Due to the complex construction even world-known astrophotographers can find no more errors in the pictures.
  • Adaptation of your camera to the M85 thread: The Wynne corrector has a M85x1 male thread on the camera side, a 2 "adapter is included in the delivery.
  • Pipe Clamps: For maximum safety and accuracy, Orion Optics UK manufactures solid aluminum pipe clamps on its own CNC milling machines, which are later black anodized to protect the surfaces, which are themselves lined with felt, for a gentle yet firm fit Stop on the polished tubes to reach. With the large, knurled knob on each pipe clamp, the pressure is adjusted to achieve a well-defined friction on the outside of the tube.

It depends not only on which telescope you buy, but also where. Our extra services:

  • With each telescope we deliver an edition of the exciting astronomy magazines "Stars and Space".
  • We are a leading dealer in telescopes and know the devices well. Our service is therefore also available to you after the purchase if you have problems with setup or operation.
  • We provide each telescope with the 80-page entry-level Telescope ABC manual.
NGC 253, Mike Sidonio (Australia)
3" Wynne corrector
Mirror Cell

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