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DayStar ST 60/930 SolarScout SS60-ds H-Alpha OTA

Product no.: 59709
Manufacturer: DayStar

$ 930.00

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DayStar ST 60/930 SolarScout SS60-ds H-Alpha OTA
DayStar ST 60/930 SolarScout SS60-ds H-Alpha OTA
DayStar ST 60/930 SolarScout SS60-ds H-Alpha OTA
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Manufacturer's product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

This telescope is used for the safe observation of the sun in the H-alpha-light : In this wavelength we see the lower atmosphere of the sun - called the chromosphere . There is always something going on here, even if the sun has little sunspots: prominences, spikules, plages, filaments and flares are phenomena of the chromosphere that you can observe with this telescope.

The SolarScout SS60-DS is a particularly low-cost H-alpha telescope with special features:

  • Achromatic doublet: The high-quality refractor with 60 millimeter lens diameter ensures a high contrast and resolution! The connection is equally suitable for an astronomical mount and a photo tripod.
  • Helical focusing : Focusing is achieved by means of a handy ring, which adjusts the distance to the front lens. This type of focusing is particularly sensitive and ensures that even heavy accessories can not slip through. Turning the focus wheel does not rotate the accessory.
  • Integrated viewfinder : A real help to aim the telescope safely at the sun.

The solar telescope Solar Scout is equipped with the already well-proven H-alpha filter QUARK . The special thing about it. By means of an integrated heater , the exact distance in the etalon filter QUARK is regulated by thermal expansion. This keeps the filter optimally set. The required power supply includes a mini-USB cable.

It depends not only on which telescope you buy, but also where. Our extra services:

  • With each telescope we deliver an edition of the exciting astronomy magazines "Stars and Space".
  • We are a leading dealer in telescopes and know our equipment well. Our service is therefore also available to you after the purchase if you have problems with setup or operation.
  • We will provide each telescope with the 80-page entry-level Telescope ABC manual.

Our expert comment:

The quality of H-alpha filters is subject to relatively large production-related inconsistencies. We therefore check every filter with the Sun after receiving the filters - so you can be sure to receive a really good filter from us.

(Stefan Taube)


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