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Bresser Telescope N 130/1000 Messier EXOS 2 GoTo

Product no.: 14210
Manufacturer: Bresser

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Bresser Telescope N 130/1000 Messier EXOS 2 GoTo
Bresser Telescope N 130/1000 Messier EXOS 2 GoTo
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Product description:

The optics BRESSER Messier N 130/1000:
The 130 mm aperture of this classical reflector offers you 30% more light than the 114mm reflectors that are usually in this price range. The lightweight mount is easily transportable and the optics provide an image that is free of colour abberations. This combination is not only very good for observing the planets, you can even see some objects outside our own solar system. Enjoy the colours of bright stars such as the double star system Albireo in the constellation Cygnus or watch the famous double-double Epsilon Lyrae in the constellation Lyra. The compact MESSIER NT-130 is easy to use and provides fast and good performance.

The mounting Bresser EXOS-2:

The EXOS-2 is a robust mounting with high bearing capacity (up to 13 kg visual, 10 kg photographic) and precise setpoint tracing for visual watchings and for astro-photography.
Double radical rill-bearings make the function precise and the optimated RA-axes don´t let much play. Further, the very robust, precise worked mounting allows an easy entrance in astro-photography. A motorical 2-axes control can be added.


  • robust mounting
  • agreed counter weight
  • robust 3-leg tripod made of steel

The GoTo system for the EXOS 2 from Bresser helps even beginners to observe celestial objects, which would be very difficult or impossible to find without GoTo, in just a few minutes. By simply pressing a button, the GoTo system slews the telescope to the planet, nebula or galaxy you have selected and tracks it fully automatically. The database contains over 100,000 objects. You can observe celestial objects with the Messier series GoTo telescope without long searches, or photograph faint objects that you would not even be able to find using classical location methods!

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