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Orion Telescope N 203/1000 OTA

Product no.: 13913
Manufacturer: Orion

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Orion Telescope N 203/1000 OTA
Orion Telescope N 203/1000 OTA
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Product description:

The N203/1000 telescope:

A classical Newtonian for all applications in astronomy. This instrument brings excellent performance to all areas of astronomy.

This professional Newtonian provides unforgettable views from deep into space. The h+x double cluster in Perseus reveals hundreds of stars in the field of view. The Pleiades actually show the nebula in which the young stars are embedded. The famous Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius displays a wealth of structure and even the famous dark lanes in the Trifid Nebula can be seen.

The image contrast can be further enhanced by the use of optional nebula filters - these can be used without problem with a 200mm aperture.

The small secondary mirror, with its thin support struts, means that comprehensive detail can be observed on the Moon and planets. So not only the Cassini's Division in the rings of Saturn can be seen, but also surface detail on the planet itself becomes visible in good seeing. Structure in the Great Red Spot on Jupiter can also be observed, as well as a lot of surface detail on Mars. Also, colour filters may be used to enhance image contrast when observing the Moon and planets.

The Moon and planets make beautiful photographic subjects, and we have the appropriate camera adapter available. The large aperture means exposures can be kept short, increasing resolution We recommend using a guide scope (optional) for guiding if you shoot with a normal SLR camera.

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